Atty Katie Cavanaugh-Forte

Unfortunately many Attorneys will take any client that comes in the door.We are all trained to figure stuff out and most of us are pretty good at it.  

My belief is to give you the best advice and in many cases that advice will be a referral to an expert.  I’m happy to see you get your issue taken care of in the most effective manner

Practice area’s that I am strong in.

Real Estate: Whether your buying, selling, or leasing real estate, contact me when you are getting started.  It’s best to work with your attorney from the beginning of the process. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it can save you a lot of trouble.

Commercial Real Estate: Buying, selling or leasing a business or commercial property has many layers and can be stressful.  I can help with that.

Estate Planning: One of my favorite areas of the law is helping folks protect their legacy.  Everyone involved feels good and it makes me happy to assist in the planning.

Probate: This is a sad time and a very stressful time. I started out working in the Probate Court so this is a very strong area for my practice

Personal Injury: If you are hurt and you need assistance I will make sure that you have the best representation for your case.  I most likely will refer you out to an expert which will benefit you. Choosing an attorney for personal injury is very tricky. I will make sure you have the best.  Read my article on choosing a personal injury attorney. Follow my advice and you may end up with more money at the end of the day

Practice areas that I refer out:

Generally I will refer to experts all cases involving, Divorce, Disability, Ssi, Title 19, Workman’s Comp, and any Criminal case. I encourage you to contact me with any questions on any of these matters to be sure you are pointed in the correct direction. Certain areas of law have specialists and when you know who the best in the area is you will get the best result’s.

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