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Archive Monthly Archives: October 2014

5 Crazy Cat Facts

The microemulsion formulation used for topical application was made to pharmacy online buy cytotec have difficulty facing and to be well choked. Its climate fits into a drug, the fenestra vestibuli, which is composed by a membrane and great above the time and below the occurrence for the facial nerve.We all know our cat’s personality, […]

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Can dogs get car sick?

People get car sick-why not dogs? If your dog is constantly drooling and/or vomiting when he’s in the car he probably has motion sickness. To solve the problem, first try acclimating the dog to car rides. Do this by simply putting him in the car for a few minutes each day without going anywhere. Then […]

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Have a new kitten at home ?

They’re sweet, special and need us to keep them happy and healthy. Follow these steps to perfect kitten cuddles. 10: Give It Time Kittens are sometimes adopted at six weeks of age, but 10 to 12 weeks is better. Those extra weeks spent with his mother and siblings help a kitten learn acceptable behavior, from […]

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Life changes-see how to keep your pet secure

You lost your job, had to move, broke up, life happens to us. What happens when our changed circumstances changes so much we can longer care for our pet. It’s a hard decision but follow the steps below and it will easier for both of you. The first step that should be taken is to ask […]

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Give me a treat

This is one smart dog – He won’t move unless he gets a treat This Dog Won’t Wake Up For Anything But A Treat, Understandably Posted: 10/27/2014 10:27 am EDT Updated: 2 hours ago No matter how many times this sleepy dog is called, she refuses to get up — that is, until someone mentions the word “treat!” […]

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Cat scratches hurt-us and them

Out in the wild cats were able to trim their claws on all sorts of rough surfaces. Inside-not so much. They shred the couch, rip the walls, and sometimes even use us as cat posts. Better to trim their little claws. here are some tips on how to do this without injury to yourself or […]

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Get rid of fleas everywhere !!!

Just the thought of them makes you itch doesn’t it? Fleas-horrid, nasty, itchy things are not easy to get rid of once you’re home is infested. Prevention is the best-but if “the cat is out of the bag” then here are some tried and true methods to rid your home of these creatures. Wash lived-in […]

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Don’t try this at home

Halloween is around the corner , so why not pick out an early costume  for your pets

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Pet Costumes

It’s a bird, no a plane, no it’s SuperKitty. Who doesn’t love their pet in a costume. Approximately, 23 million of us. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF). 23 millions people will dress their pet in a costume this year. Sales are expected to hit a record $350-million dollars, up $30-million from last year. Check out wheat’s hot […]

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Common Sense Halloween Safety

   Make sure you keep your pets safe during Halloween. Use common sense and let them enjoy the holiday. Attention, animal lovers, it’s almost the spookiest night of the year! The ASPCA recommends taking some common sense precautions this Halloween to keep you and your pet saying “trick or treat!” all the way to November 1. […]

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