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Archive Monthly Archives: January 2015

Help Save Shaggy

Look at this face-if you are interested in helping there is a fund me gage and a link to it here.   A large brown dog nicknamed “Shaggy” is making lots of friends in Cascades Township, Michigan, but the abandoned Newfoundland-mix is wary of capture and won’t let anyone take him in. In fact, Shaggy, […]

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Living with a House Rabbit

Rabbits make great pets if you know what you’re doing. They can be potty trained, leash trained and are very affectionate. Read about how to get the most out of bunny pets. The benefits of spay and neuter     Although most rabbits will use a litterbox, hormones may cause unneutered males and unspayed females to “mark territory.” Spaying or […]

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How to Clip Your dog’s nails

If nothing is done with this, then the symptoms will increase exponentially. For more information on why your card was declined, please contact your card provider directly.We all know we need to do it, especially during the winter when there’s less natural wear on tear on their nails. Here’s a guide on exactly how […]

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Top 10 Reasons Dogs End Up In Shelters

3-5 Million dogs end up in shelter every year. How can we prevent, what are the reasons for it. Here are the top ten most common reasons dogs end up in shelters: 1. Lack of training: Many people get a dog without realizing how much training is involved. Dogs do not come trained. They need diligent leaders who […]

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Dog Rides Bus Solo

In the meantime, antihypertensive sertraline walmart in if you are infections such as most upper sertraline …. Get Coupon.This dog can’t wait to get to the dog park. So, he goes alone! Check it out.  

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