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Archive Monthly Archives: March 2015

How to Find a Mortgage Banker

How to Find a Mortgage Banker – A good mortgage banker is hard to find, but here are some helpful hints on how to identify a qualified mortgage banker.

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The Mortgage Calculator

Monthly Payment Calc Zillow Home Loan Calculator

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Ask These 6 Mortgage Questions Before Buying A Home

LOW RATES ENTICING FIRST-TIME HOME BUYERS? In November, one-third of home buyers were first-time home buyers, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. So now, in January 2015, with mortgage rates now well below four percent; and with rents rising faster than home values, the percentage of first-time buyers is expected to climb. It’s cheaper to buy than […]

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9 Questions To Ask Before Buying Your First Home

While the dream of home ownership may have taken a beating during the recent recession, a majority of Americans still say that buying a house is in their life plan. And with good reason: home ownership is a key part of many individuals’ long-term financial strategies, plays an important role in improving the health of the economy, and can […]

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7 tips for picking a real estate agent

Ever wish you could see through the hype to hire the best real estate agent for buying or selling your home? When it comes to choosing real estate agents, “we don’t have the information that we have about other service professionals,” says Stephen Brobeck, executive director of the Consumer Federation of America, in Washington, D.C. […]

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Inspection and Insurance

While the lender and third parties are preparing your loan for closing, here are a couple of things to tackle: You probably will want to have the home inspected, and you will be required to buy homeowners insurance. Inspection Home inspection is commonly required to determine the structural and mechanical condition of the home you’re […]

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