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Archive Monthly Archives: May 2016

IRS Scammers getting Bolder

Tax day may be over but not for these scammer. The IRS is reporting a huge uptick in IRS scams all over the country. Law enforcement officials from Rhode Island to Kentucky to Hawaii are warning taxpayers that IRS impersonation scams are on the rise – and those scammers are becoming more aggressive. This week, […]

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Isis- 11 Year old Pit Bull-luckily her parent made a Plan

Thankfully Isis had an owner who knew how importnat it was to plan for her care. Sheba didn’t and she sadly waited in a shelter just wanting to go home. An 11-year-old pit bull terrier was at the side of her owner when the man died in April in his Pittsburgh home. The man had […]

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Rescues make the Best Friends-Check out this video

Happy Spring. Who doesn’t love a feel good video.        

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