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Archive Monthly Archives: March 2017

5 Important Spring Tips for your Home

Spring is coming up fast. Everyone loves to see the end of winter, including your home. Here are some things to check on to see how your home survived the winter. Examine Roof Shingles Examine roof shingles to see if any were lost or damaged during winter. If your home has an older roof covering, you […]

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Doing Your Own Taxes-Here’s the Tax Prep Checklist

Before you start your tax preparation here is list of information you will need to gather. Once this is all together you can prepare your taxes knowing everything is at your fingertips. Good luck.   Tax Preparation for Personal Information The IRS needs to know who is filing the tax return, as well as how […]

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Which Business structure will avoid Personal Liability?

As a business owner, the type of business structure you select will determine how much personal liability you will have for business debts and income taxes. One of the initial decisions you have to make as a business owner is the legal framework of your business–sole proprietorship, a partnership, corporation or something in between. If your business […]

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Can You Hear Me Now-Hang Up!!

“Can you hear me?” Police in several states are urging people to avoid answering this simple question from a phone number they do not know. Unless you know the person calling-hang up.   The scam is a variation of one that began late last year, according to law enforcement. “You say ‘yes,’ it gets recorded […]

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College Parents-Decipher Finacial Aid Letters

You’ve received the acceptance letter and the financial aid letter. How to you decide what school offers the best fit and the best aid package. Follow these tips to decipher those Financial Aid Offers.   1) Analyze the components. Terms aren’t always clear, so start your review by going through the offer line-by-line to determine […]

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