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If you have a College Student Please Read This It Could Save you a lot of heartache

Why your college student needs a power of attorney and other legal docs-2Did you know if anything happened to your college student you would have no ability to find out critical health information from their doctor?

I know many of you have just sent your babies off to college. You’re happy and scared and excited, probably feeling the same emotions they are. I just came across this article about an 18 year old that got rushed to the hospital. His roommate called his parents with the terrible news, they called the hospital and the hospital said “I’m sorry, he’s over 18, we can’t discuss his medical care with you. Do you have a HIPPA form? or a Health Care Form?”     What????

Please click on the button below and I’ll send you an email with these 3 documents. I am giving these necessary documents for free. There’s no gimmick-I have kids-they’re not in college yet but I do have many friends and family sending their kids off-and I see how hard is is saying goodbye.  Please take these and use them with good wishes for you and your student and if you know anyone else with a college student please share so everyone has these documents. The full article from consumer reports is below.

Hopefully you’ll never need these. But if you do-you’ll be glad you have them. Tell your college student-Study hard and more importantly-Be well.

Power of attorney: Gives you the authority to sign documents on your student’s behalf and gives you access to and the ability to direct transactions for the your student’s financial accounts.

Health care proxy and living will: Allows you to make medical decisions if your student is physically unable to do so. Don’t find out too late that your student has been admitted to a hospital and you’re not authorized to discuss treatment plans or make urgent decisions regarding care. A living will outlines the student’s wishes about life-extending medical treatment and addresses other intentions, such as organ donations.

HIPAA form: Named for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, this form authorizes medical care providers to release and share medical information about your with you. Without it, health providers are legally prohibited from sharing this information even with you.



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HELP Your Child in an Emergency, article by Consumer ReportsWhy your college student needs a power of attorney and other legal docs


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