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Dog has a guardian angel-you have to see this

manatee-dogThis dog may have been in a bad spot but he had someone on his side.


A moment of kindness between two animals was captured by a Tampa police officer just before a colleague rescued a stranded dog from the Hillsborough River.

Residents in Tampa’s Seminole Heights neighborhood heard a strange noise coming from the river this past Friday night and then saw the dog, named White Boy, struggling to climb out of the river the next morning.

Marine Patrol unit responded to a resident’s call for help on Saturday morning. As they were setting up their equipment for the rescue, Officer Jodie Maxim snapped a fortuitous photo.

The photo, posted to the police department’s Facebook page, shows the dog clinging on to a cement wall at the river’s edge while a manatee appears to stand guard behind him.

Source: Dogheirs

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