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How to choose your real estate attorney

When you’re buying a home you need the experience of a real estate attorney to help you through all the stages of the purchase. Here are a few tips to help you pick an attorney.

  1. Start early

    Start your hunt for a good real estate attorney about the same time you seriously begin your search for a new home. You want plenty of time to find a good attorney — you don’t want to end up picking one at the last moment without doing any research.

  2. Seek others’ advice

    Talk to friends, colleagues and family who’ve recently purchased a home and ask them if they would recommend the real estate attorney they used. You could also seek the names of reputable attorneys from your real estate agent — just be sure to get an attorney who’s independent of that agent. Ask about the fees charged by the attorney and how well the attorney helped them to navigate the home-purchase process.

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