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Personal Injury. How to pick a really good Attorney

Vores pris er generelt en hel del billigere end den pris apotek har i Danmark. Du vil derfor ikke opleve længerevarende forsendelsestid.

Television Lawyers are everywhere

With so many ads on TV, buses and billboards how do you pick a really good personal injury attorney? Most attorneys are the same. Any of us can contact the insurance company on your behalf, file the claim and negotiate a settlement. It seems pretty cut and dry. Unfortunately, its not that easy. That’s why I turn away most personal injury cases. Wait-What? PI is one of the most lucrative fields for Attorneys so why turn any work down. We all know how to do the same thing right?

Personal Injury expert makes the most sense

The real answer is we aren’t all the same and I, for one, am not a Personal Injury expert. So why would you even want to talk to me about your case? Because I can show you how to pick the best Attorney for your case and it doesn’t cost you any more at the end of the day. In fact, if you pick one of the really good PI Attorneys you may end up with significantly more money in your pocket.
So what are the qualities of a real good Personal Injury Attorney?
Most important is they are honest with you from the start.
The really great attorneys have a reputation with the insurance companies for not settling for less. You see many attorneys don’t like to go to court so they will settle your case and move on to the next. These folks advertise heavily and churn through many cases. Not that there’s anything wrong with advertising but the best Attorneys I know hardly advertise at all. The best attorneys will not settle and move on unless that’s what your case demands. The best will cover the expense of taking your case all the way to court if need be and that alone can make you much more than a quick settlement.

How to pick a really good Personal Injury Attorney

So how do you find the best. Well, ask an attorney. Ask me. When I have a client who needs a Personal Injury Attorney I usually refer to one of several really great local Attorneys and it’s my pleasure to do it. Oh don’t worry, most attorneys will pay for that referral so everyone is happy. I’m happy to put you in touch with the best, and you’re happy because you know that you are using an attorney that a lawyer would also choose.
Don’t get fooled by fancy ads and slogans. If you need to find the best of the best then I can help and would be happy to do so.

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Kate's a practicing Attorney for over 20 years. She is a pet rescuer and a strong supporter of pets Rights. Kate expertise is Real Estate, Probate, Estate Planning, Personal Injury, and Business contracts. Kate is happy to discuss any legal or pet matter you may have and if she cannot help; she is more than happy to point you in the right direction. Kate Forte 17 Good Hill Rd Woodbury Ct 06798 Office 203-598-8847 Fax 203-841-1116

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