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Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

You’ve decided that it’s time to sell. Summer and fall are the busiest home buying times so noes is the time to get your home ready for sale. Here are some top tips on how to prepare your house so it sells fast.


Price it right from the start. Agents and buyers know when they find a good deal, and they know they need to move quickly. You’ll save yourself time and hassle if you skip the high-price shenanigans altogether.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal. That could mean adding new sod, planting flowers, painting the front door or replacing the mailbox. Prospective buyers form an opinion the moment they spot the home.

Update the interior and exterior. New fixtures, fresh paint and updated landscaping are all fairly easy and affordable ways to give your home a makeover. “It’s got to look up to the current market conditions and what’s in style,” Mahon says.

Clean and declutter. Remove knickknacks and excess furniture. The fewer things there are in the home, the larger it will look. You may want to hire a cleaning service to do a deep cleaning, including washing the windows.

Depersonalize. Remove family photos, religious items and political posters. Get all the children’s drawings off the refrigerator. You want prospective buyers to envision their family in the house, not yours.

Fix anything that’s obviously broken. A cracked windowpane may not bother you, but it gives the impression that the homeowner is careless about maintenance.

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