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What style home is right for you?

So you’ve decided to buy. Now the next big decision is what to buy? There are many different style homes available. New England has a varied market of styles. Here are just a few examples of what New England has in store for buyers.

Cape Cod:  In the past, this style featured shutters to protect windows during a storm and a large chimney in the center of the roof which linked to fireplaces in each room.  Modern Cape Cods only have decorative shutters and cannot be closed during a storm.  Chimneys are now typically placed at one end of the roof instead of the center.  Features include:


  • Either one- or one-and-a half stories with a steep roof and a small roof overhang
  • The home is constructed of wood, covered with clapboard or shingles and boasts a symmetrical appearance with a center door
  • Architecture includes multi-paned windows, dormers (which are created as usable space with windows in the roof) and a formal floor plan usually with hardwood floors. 


Colonial:  Easily identifiable, this popular American house style has been incorporated into other home designs of the 20th century and is similar in ways to the Cape Cod.  It features a symmetrical façade, multi-paned windows with shutters and fireplaces but boasts a more structured appearance reflecting designs of early American settlements.  Features include:


  • Two to three stories with a rectangular shape, a gabled roof (both sides slope at the same angle) and dormers
  • Construction is made of brick or wood siding and includes regal-looking columns or pillars
  • Grand entrances and porticos reveal living areas on the first floor while bedrooms are located on upper levels


Ranch:  Uniquely American, ranch style homes can be found in virtually every part of the country.  The layout is horizontal and can be rectangular, L-shaped or U-shaped and is popular because each room is easily accessible and interchangeable.  A family room can be transformed into a home office or a formal dining room can become a library by adding French doors and appropriate furniture.  These features of versatility include:


  • A single story with a brick, wood or stucco exterior, simple trim and often an attached garage

  • Large picture windows and sliding glass doors which can lead to a patio or backyard

  • Floor plans are open versus the divided rooms intrinsic to other home styles

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